Note as of Feb 2019 KRS for Nortel/Avaya's BCM's and Nortel's Norstar products no longer allows for generations or retrievals and/or is restricted/limited.
We however still exist and do not need KRS.

Paid Services offered by curlycord
-BCM50 and BCM450 Modifications and keycodes to extend your BCM's life
-Callpilot 100/150, BCM 3.x and NAM key codes (not auth codes), no need for Avaya or KRS
-Paid Support and Troubleshooting
-BCM in lab repairs
-BCM admin password resets
-Norstar config password resets
-BCM keycode extractions & generations
-BCM support including well after 2018 (life after Nortel/Avaya & KRS)

Free Services
For free support please use the forums at as there are many clients and techs online to help out.
Under no circumstances email us direct for free support
or your email will go unanswered unless you are willing to pay for a support call or is related to modification/kecodes of BCM's and passwords.

Thank you!

curlycord's email is: curlycord @ curlycord DOT com


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